Sharon's specific horticultural interests include vegetable and container gardening, perennials, and creating gardenscapes that attract butterflies.

She is the artist behind Blooming Hub Caps, the beautiful painted and recycled wheel covers that are sold as art for the home and garden.

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys gardening at home with her husband Dave, going on garden tours, reading, and volunteering at the Dallas Museum of Art.

I grew up in El Paso, Texas.  As a child I always had a fascination with plants.  I enjoyed tagging along with my mother and grandmother to local plant nurseries and always came away with some new little plant to nurture.  Some of my happiest childhood memories are of times spent in my grandmother’s garden or being off at camp in the piney woods of New Mexico.

I moved to the north Texas area to attend college and decided to start my family in the area.  After working in the medical field for a decade, I decided to follow my passion for plants.  I returned to school, taking horticultural and design classes at Richland College and becoming a Dallas County Master Gardener.  I worked as a designer for Colorful Impressions for 4 years before purchasing the company.

As a designer, I bring my problem solving skills as well as creativity into the design process.  I know that a great garden is more than a collection of plants.  It is an outdoor space that fits its owners and their needs and desires.  My intention is to create spaces that add beauty and joy and improve over time!

I grew up about 20 miles northwest of San Antonio near the town of Pipe Creek. This beautiful Hill Country setting is where I first realized my love for the outdoors, plants and nature. I spent many summer afternoons building dams on our small babbling brook, planting mint by the water's edge, or simply wandering through the woods looking for a cool springtime watering hole.

I went on to get a BS in Environmental Design at the University of Houston, after which I was hired as a landscape designer at Colorful Impressions in Dallas. The of owner Colorful Impressions, Sheryl Burek, would become my mentor and taught me how to better mold my design talent with my love for all things botanical.

I also worked as a horticulturist at the Denver Botanic Gardens, Head Horticulturist at Lifescape in Denver, and spent a year gardening under a master gardener in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

My work spans a multitude of cities and climates giving me a wide degree of expertise not seen in many landscape designers.  I have created beautiful and successful gardens in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Seattle and San Francisco.